ASUS Laptop for home embassy OS node

Hi, I’m thinking of using a 2 year old ASUS laptop with an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor (1.1. GHz, burst up to 3.1 GHz). It has 4 GB of soldered-in non-upgradable DDR4 RAM, onboard storage of 128GB eMMC. Planning on adding an additional nvme 2TB SSD. Will this be sufficient to run a basic bitcoin node and smallish (~50 channels) lightning node along with a couple other bitcoin related apps (mempool, etc)?

Please let me know if you think this is insufficient or if anyone has experience with this hardware. Thanks!

This should be fine for basic use, if it works out, please let us know so we can post to our ‘known-good’ hardware list:

Will do. Thank you!


Ok, I was able to flash a USB drive with the 0.3.3 installer and boot from that. When the installer ran it presented only my 2TB nvme drive as an option. I expected it to show both the built-in 128GB eMMC drive and the nvme drive, but I wanted to install on the 2TB nvme drive anyway so I proceeded.

Installation appeared to proceeded as I was prompted to remove the USB drive and reboot.

However, when I selected the reboot option there was an error.

After force rebooting it did not show the embassyOS as an EFI startup option. When looking at the filesystem I do see the embassyOS partitions were created and some files present.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

We do not support EFI boot at this time. Can you flip on Legacy support in your BIOS?

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is an option on this laptop and many BIOS any longer. This is a relatively new laptop.

Looks like support for EFI boot media is on the roadmap. Is there an approximate eta for this?

Thank you for the help!

Reference with regard to Asus laptops: windows 7 - Can't find option to activate legacy boot mode on Asus EFI BIOS - Super User

We do not give ETAs on features anymore, since we are still early in development and pivots happen often. We’ve gotten burned on this in the past and we don’t want to give promises we can’t meet. You can keep an eye on the issue for tracking purposes, as well as voice your support for the feature, or offer suggestions for implementation. We also accept PRs for changes like this of course :wink:

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Completely understand. Thanks!