Running EmbassyOS on HP Server

I have successfully uploaded EmbassyOS on an HP Proliant ml350p. I need to get into the actually hardware is there a way to keyboard into the Terminal?

I’m hoping when everything is done installing i can reboot the machine to access the BIOS because the OS only picked up on half the Storage. So I’m guessing the the orignal setup had multi containers.

Also, is there a way to download a VPN on the machine and/or into the browser?
If anyone has any advice please chime in.


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Glad to hear you got up and running on a DIY build, I have added your hardware to our “Known Good” List.

You can Setup SSH Access, but be warned, that most things you do in here are dangerous (this is not a standard Linux install - it is designed to be easy to use, via the UI only).

We are working on adding several connectivity solutions, including VPN-esque functionality, which will be available later this year, but we do not support any general solutions at this time.

Happy Hosting!