Sparrow 1.7.2 - connecting to BTC proxy

@start9dave thank you. it looks like when I run the command ‘systemctl status tor’ it shows the status as “active (exited)” ← in bold green. is it safe to assume that tor is properly running on my computer and there is some other issue? am I suppose to be downloading tor directly on the start9 device? Asking because I am still running into the same issue with sparrow after confirming Tor is running and clicking the “use proxy” toggle.

Other things I have tried:
-shutting down (and unplugging the start9 server)
-Deleting the electrs app from the start9 server and reinstalling it.

Thank you for any other ideas you have for solving this.

Next thing to check would be tor logs with journalctl - command may vary a bit depending on your distro

@start9dave here are a couple errors that keep coming up:

Rejecting SOCKS request for anonymous connection to private address [scrubbed].

The following doesn’t show up as frequently, but including in case it is related:

Received http status code 404 ("Consensus not signed by sufficient number of requested authorities") from server...

You might need to restart tor, systemctl restart tor or wipe state and restart:

systemctl stop tor && rm /var/lib/tor/state
systemctl start tor

For whatever reason this is not working. I am not seeing a tor folder when following the var/lib/tor path. Since this all was working when I first set up my start9, should I factory reset it? How would I go about doing that? Thank you.

This is not a problem with your server, but a problem with your client’s tor daemon. I will need logs again, as “not working” doesn’t actually tell me anything. Please start a new thread, as this is not relevant to the original post.

@start9dave I wanted to update you on my initial question. I am 99.9% sure that the error (below) I was getting in sparrow was caused by a firewall from my ISP (maybe on the provided router):

SOCKS server general failure. Check if the proxy server is running.

When I tried connecting to sparrow from a different location, there was no error and everything has continued to operate normally. Hope this helps

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That would make sense. ISP-provided equipment is getting more invasive and annoying. Were you able to turn it off?

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I was not able to turn it off, but I am not very technical. I switched locations. If I was stuck in that location, My next step would have been buying non-ISP-provided equipment.

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