Update - how'd it go?

I was waiting to update from 0.3.5 to (or “0.3.5-1” as shown in StartOS Info) until I saw any reports of good or bad results. But none appeared, so I figured I’d just go for the update, and start a thread where everyone can check-in and give their own feedback on this update.

For me, it was very smooth, unlike the previous update (which may have been more user error than any software issue). The main thing I learned from others about these updates is it can take some time for the OS to be fully responsive. So this time I started the update and then left everything alone for a few hours. When I came back to see how things were, everything was functioning smoothly with the update running.

Thanks for starting this thread. My experience was similar. The update went very smoothly - just need to be patient and give it time. I updated from 0.3.4 to…

all smooth and working :slight_smile:


all smooth and working :slight_smile:
I updated my start9os first and then LND 0.16.4 to 0.17.3
Was very quick.

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