A Quick and Dirty (and very #reckless) Guide on How to Expose your StartOS Server to clearnet using freedns.afraid.org

[DISCLAIMER: This guide is not associated with Start9 in any way, nor do they recommend or provide support for it. for any questions, send me a message)

Greetings! It’s Dread, your friendly Jamaican Bitcoiner.

While we all excitedly await the release of v0.4.0, some very adrenaline seeking members of the community would like to expose their Server to clearnet, and have remote access to it via a publicly accessible URL.

This is a quick guide for accomplishing this (very RISKY) task.

WARNING: This will expose your Server, and potentially your ENTIRE home network to the world wide web, full of terrors and internationally renown hackers. Consider carefully what you are putting at risk before trying this at home.

Ok, lets get to it:

Step 1: Set-up Port Forwarding on your home router

This will vary by router brand, so you will need to google how to configure port forwarding on your specific brand of router. The key is to forward port 80 from the IP address of your StartOS Server (192.168.x.x or something similar) to an external port you will remember (like port 42069). If your router gives you the option to isolate this IP address, I recommend you enable isolation. This will protect the rest of the devices on your network from unwanted intrusion.
(Sorry Starlink users, this will not work for you, Port Forwarding does not work on CG-NAT)

**Step 2: Find your public IP address **

This should be easy to find, you can use https://whatismyipaddress.com/ or any other similar tool.

Step 3: Create an account on https://freedns.afraid.org.

Create an account here, its free!
Navigate to the Subdomains section. You can choose from several free domains, and then make up your own subdomain. For example, you can select chickenkiller.com and then add the subdomain myserver.chickenkiller.com to make that your own. Make sure to include your public IP address as the Destination (it should autopopulate).
Navigate to the Dynamic DNS section. This is where you get your URLs you can use to access your StartOS instance. If you can get a static IP address at home, good for you, but this also works for those who have IP addresses that change (almost everyone with residential internet). There are instructions on this site how to dynamically update URLs automatically when your IP address changes on your ISP.

Final Step: Test it out!

If everything went well, you should be able to access the login page for your Server at myserver.chickenkiller.com:42069 (or whatever you chose to call it). Congratulations! Your StartOS server is accessible over clearnet.

NOTE: This is only HTTP access, which prevents you from launching the UI for any of your services with web interfaces.

What you CAN do:

  • See the Tor addresses of all your services (if you don’t have them bookmarked)
  • Restart Services that might be having issues
  • Install new services from the Marketplace
  • Update service versions
  • Perform Actions on services

I hope this helps… and remember to disable all of this when v0.4.0 is released!

One Love,


Hi Dread,
thank you for the guide very informative.
Can you please explain why http access alone won’t be enough to launch the service UIs?
I’m asking out of curiosity.

Services use mDNS aliasing for their .locals, which is not handled by this method

Makes sense! I followed this guide and was able to access my admin panel from the Internet but not launch any uis.