Access Terminal and CLI

I’m only a Linux novice, but there are a few things I’d like to do via CLI. I can open a terminal window using Ctrl-Alt-F2, but this opens a new session, and I can’t determine the user ID to login. I’ve tried root, admin, Admin, Embassy, embassy, and my own login name, all unsuccessfully. And I’m using my StartOS login password. What are the proper credentials to use here? And how do I simply open up a terminal window without starting a new session?

Thx, wrscott

Would you mind posting this in the forum so that I can give a public answer for others?

The only supported way to access your server via CLI is with an ssh connection. You will need to do this from another machine - we do not currently include a terminal in the web UI.

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Thank you. I did not realize there was not a terminal in the web UI. I was able to use the SSH instructions on a Linux PC and have successfully ssh’d into my StartOS server. And yes, I will be careful using it. Thanks for the help!