Add extra storage for filebrowser

Is it possible to link FileBrowser to a USB drive for use with SyncThing and Photoview? I’m running StartOS on ProxMox on a Lenovo ThinkCenter.


There is currently no way to add additional storage space to StartOS after assigning the drive location on the initial install.

Because the storage location is wiped & assigned specifically, adding more storage capacity is not possible. At least not yet.

Please note that USB storage is a tricky thing since the hardware isn’t made to be loooong term use & Proxmox doesn’t really like USB storage, even though it ‘supports’ it.

That & you’re going to handicap your existing storage performance to the USB bus because StartOS will treat it all as one disk, so all around not a good idea at this time.

Thanks for the response. Very informative. I’m probably best off with a larger data drive and regular backups.

No problem at all.

Just for interest sake, what Start9 server are your running? Or are you running a DIY setup, and if so would you mind sharing what hardware you are running it on?

I’m running DIY. All second hand gear. Version 0.3.5~1 on Proxmox Lenovo ThinkCenter M720q, I think 8th Gen, core i5, 32 GB RAM.

From memory I think 4 cores and 16GB allocated to StartOS, about 900GB from a 1TB SSD.

I have a few external drives I was hoping to utilize to avoid spending on new drives. Also an HP EliteDesk SFF (Gen5 maybe?) to spin up next but haven’t got round to it.

Sounds like solid enough hardware from what I can see. Did not know it came in an 8 GB RAM & could be upgraded to a 32 GB RAM. I’ll have to look at testing one of those.

As for your allocation in ProxMox, this should be fine but of course that would depend on how much of your storage you will be taking up .

As this is a DIY setup, and thus not officially supported by Start9, I’d ask that we move this there in case someone from the community has a solution for this.