Adding the Ordisrespector spam filter to the bitcoin core config

Hi guys.
Since mempool blocks are exploding again in fees and size because of non-btc txs is there any chance to add the Ordisrespector spam filter to the bitcoin core config properties under advanced section. As I understand it it is a spam patch filter that works by detecting the pattern of Ordinals transactions that are entering the mempool of the node and rejecting them. I think it’d be a great help to make it easy to enable this patch.
Here’s a link to the current updated patch and relevant info.

Thanks for reading

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I despise the entire notion of ordinals as much as you, but at this time we do not intend to add this as an option, since all it does is make your node’s mempool unaware of ordinals transactions (it still accepts the blocks containing them as valid). Your fees are additionally not lowered by ignoring inscriptions, even though your mempool would presumably estimate them lower (causing confusion amongst those that didn’t understand this). Furthermore, miners are incentivized to include these transactions (and they also run nodes).

There is a fork that was created with this purpose, but it is still on Bitcoin 24. You are welcome to try it out, or make an updated PR to get this added with an argument as to why users may want the option. There is also an Ordisrespector s9pk hosted on a community registry, which is also out of date, and of course this is entirely at your own risk.

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Thanks for getting back to me, but I’d rather stick to the official s9pks on the start9 registry. I was more concerned with the size of the blocks as there are reports of the blocksize rising to as much as 4MB per block. I just mentioned fees because of frustration with the high fees these new erc tokens are bringing forcing users to use cpfp or rbf, (very happy we have those choices in this high fee environment.
So I’ll just grin and bear it and be ready to switch to a larger SSD when needed.

BTW, think I read somewhere that your version 4 upgrade will also have more options for storage, or at least make it quite a bit easier to upgrade your storage. Is that still the case?
Thanks again for the work you guys have done and are doing. That last upgrade to 3.5 went smoothly with no hiccups. Kudos

I share your concerns. I’m optimistic that RGB will allow all the toys that these people desire on Bitcoin, without clogging up onchain resources. Theoretically, it will not be economical to afford these types of txs indefinitely, but time will tell. Luckily, even in a worst case scenario, the chain growth can only reach 100-200GB per year, so a 1TB SSD should last a bit longer for a Bitcoin stack.

Regarding storage options - it is not certain that 0.4 will include more storage flexibility, but it is prerequisite. It is likely that we will have some new options shortly after that release. In the meantime, it is possible to use hardware or software RAID at a lower level than StartOS to achieve this. Some examples can be found in these forums.

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Minor correction - your mempool would NOT estimate your fees lower, and would remain accurate. You can compare with

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Update to this thread. I finally found a Bitcoin knots version wrapped into a start9 package. I’ve got it installed and after a day it and all services that depend on bitcoin are working fine. Take a look. Here’s the github link. Release Bitcoin Knots 25.1 · Retropex/ordisrespector-startos · GitHub

And here’s a link to a snip of the running services

Hope it works for anyone else interested as well!

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There is some additional discussion on adding config options directly here

Hi, thanks for posting, very interested in installing and wonder if you could give me a quick overview of how to do so, or where can I find such? I am technically uneducated, but have built my own node, seedsigner etc, so am able to make my way with a little help. I am currently downloading Core, but would prefer to run Knots with Ordisrespector. Many thanks for any advice you can share!

If you are patient, we will likely be adding Knots ourselves, alongside OS features that explicitly support the user’s choice of implementation. If you are less patient (and trust the third party dev), you can just side-load the s9pk from the packager’s repo. Keep in mind this is not from the Start9 team, and we do no support this in any way. You are on your own if you have any problems resulting from this install.


This is great news, thank you!
Any ETA on when Knots will be added?

No. It will not be before v036, which has no ETA at the moment.