Adding to marketplace

Would it be possible to add Sparrow wallet and green wallet to startOS?
They are both available on ubuntu.

Also, what about tor browser in marketplace?

Not sure if there is a way to add it manually to startOS, or if this can be added to marketplace.

If these are dumb ideas, i apologize.

I would like startOS on my home desktop, laptop, and node… in order to make that realistic, i would want 4 or 5 programs/apps that i have on ubuntu added to startOS.

-Sparrow wallet
-Green wallet
-Tor browser

Hi Matthew,

StartOS is not a desktop OS and couldn’t properly function as one as it is designed to run as a server. This means it’s a headless machine (no keyboard, no monitor) that you put somewhere out of the way, probably next to your router, and that you never interact with other than from elsewhere in the home (or out of the home) with the provided service interfaces.

If you’re trying to use a server you bought from us as a desktop computer, you shouldn’t. You should instead use a client computer to connect to your server.

Not only should you not be connecting a monitor or keyboard to your server, but you also should not be attempting to connect any other hardware to it. Your mentioning of things like Green Wallet make me think you’d like to connect a Jade to it… this just won’t work.

How should you be using all the software you mention?

Absolutely everything you mention can run using your StartOS device as a server already!

You take your Ubuntu machine, you install those 4 items of software and you connect them to run with your server as the backend for them.

Sparrow - Start9 | Bitcoin Integrations

Green - Start9 | Bitcoin Integrations

Tor Browser - this is how could access your server away from home

LibreOffice - you’d save your docs into the sync folder of Nextcloud

Whats more, Sparrow is already available as a service in the community registry, this would let you run an always-on Sparrow wallet and access it without needing to install it on a local device, and to run Whirlpool continuously.


Sparrow is indeed available on the community marketplace. The registry url is:


I am using it as a server, not connected to monitor or keyboard.

I just would like to run multiple. I will look into the Sparrow and Green links, thank you!

I didnt think of using nextcloud that way. Thank you!

Thank You!! I will start looking into this, i had no idea. I just knew of the start9 official marketplace here the apps are supported and maintained by start9 team

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