After a botched Embassy OS update, want to copy files from the 1TB external drive

After an OS update I bricked my perfectly working Raspberry PI Embassy and it wont start anymore as it used to. Not the problem, just the starting point. But i had some mildly important data on the external 1tb drive connected to it before. This data is not related to the embassy or embassy OS at all rather it is the data folder of a docker container i used independently from everything on the Embassy, so basically just a folder with some files in it.

Is it possible to mount the drive with the help of another computer/laptop and get this data off of it before i reflash/reinstall? As i can see it when i plug the drive into another computer/laptop it shows up as an encrypted lvm2 storage device with two partitions and it asks for a passphrase to unlock any of the partitions. Could i recover this passphrase from somewhere within the embassy (maybe from the memory card?) and mount these partitions externally to copy files from it?

I anyway plan to reflash/reinstall the Embassy but if there is a way of getting this data out of it, it would be much preferable before doing the reinstall.

Thank You.

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Hi, yes there is a way to do this. The SSD just has placeholder encryption for now and can be accessed with the password “password” - let me know if that works.

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Sorry, i couldnt reply any earlier.

I unfortunately didnt had the patience to wait for your answer so i reinstalled everything almost right after i posted, but i’ll wont forget this piece of information.

Oh, and thanks again, this is good to know information.

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