Another StartOS Install and Setup

Recently installed StartOS on an old Dell XPS 8700 desktop. Having a few issues:

  1. LAN speeds are 10mb/s (bios looks ok, so guessing driver incompatibility or something). Wifi is better, but still only half of what I see on other computers/phones via wifi.
  2. Firefox tabs/bookmarks arent saved from session to session (not certain if something caused a reset or just went to sleep and when awakened all tabs and bookmarks were gone). How to persist the tabs/bookmarks?
  3. Is there a way to enable dual monitor support? If I plug two in, it just stretches between the two.

I moved this thread to DIY.

  1. We highly recommend against wireless connections - any performance issues with an ethernet connection are likely due to problems related to your network.
  2. If you are talking about accessing via “Kiosk Mode” - this is provided as a convenience, and a fresh session should be expected every time. We recommend you access your server from a client device instead for general use.
  3. We have no plans to support multiple monitors (see answer 2 above) at this time, but we do accept PRs if you want to take this on.