Automated Backups

I would like to automate the backup process that is available within StartOS.

The desired flow:
StartOS backup → network drive → replicate offsite

For now I can click the button to make a backup to a network drive. That network drive has a process that automatically replicates off-site. The missing piece is having StartOS automatically initiate the entire process on its own.

Is there a way to do this already? If not, where could I start in writing my own script to do this? I looked at the documentation and it’s focused on writing a service (app) for the OS. Maybe that’s what I need to do, make an automatic backup service? Does a service live in a sandbox or can it directly manipulate the system? Is there an API for talking to the existing backup feature?

Would appreciate any pointers in how to get started on a task like this and I’ll take it from there.

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Automated updates are not currently available in StartOS, but is slated as a feature to come in the future. There is however no ETA on that as of yet, but I can confirm that this is a Top Priority.


Thanks for letting us know it’s on the list. Do you know if there is a the ability for a third party dev to build such a feature in the meantime? For example is there an API to trigger the manual encrypted backup?

No, this is something that would be built by the Start9 Devs into one of the upcoming releases so would not be open to outside Devs. However, feel free to join the Dev Channel on Telegram where you can package Services & also interact with other Community Devs → Telegram: Contact @start9_labs

Awesome. Found my way over there. Thanks.