Backup options suggestion

Was looking voor a place to store my encrypted backups. Having these in the cloud seems like a good idea so I do not lose stuff if my home burns of floods. However most services are centralised companies like google. I think it makes more sense to store on a decentalized cloud service like:
I was wondering if start OS may make that GUI option available in the backup section some time. End to end encrypted direct backup that way would not expose too much I guess? Or is there too much risk?

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Generally, backups are extremely important and we recognize this. We currently allow backups on the local network, or to a physically connected drive. These options will be expanding (likely later this year), and the more long-term goal is to help create a global, distributed network for sovereign storage (including backups). Possibly using some next-gen tech, such as Carbonado.

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A global distrubuted network of sovereign storage sounds like a great idea. The challenge is how to built it without trust in centralized autorities and low risk of hacks but ease of use for users. Carbanado is nice tech however I do see the risk that if their algorithms change over time backward compatabilty may be a issue. Users will need to be able to decrypt their data in the future, so the network will need to have all old versions of the tech available.

Trust is something that will always exist, unless you choose to live by yourself in the woods. That said, we can minimize trust by keeping the code open, encrypting everything, and incentivizing people to provide storage space for broad geographical redundancy.

Hi Dave,
Social trust is not the same as trusting people or some big entities with my money (at least not for me). I do agree with the other points you make.