Backup service in worst-case scenario

Hi, I like the idea of backup.
In some worst-case scenario start os is not available anymore on the node and also not online. In that (crazy) scenario how do I get to my app credentials? As far as I can see there are two options:

a) save all credentials for all apps in something like Vaultwarden but not on the node itself
b) also back-up the start-os software so I can restore my backups on a pc in any case

If decryption is also possible without the start os but with the master password that would also be a option. But is that possible at all?

What are your thoughts?

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Hi there,

Have you checked out our Backup system? Your backups are encrypted with your master password.

As you mentioned, it’s also not a bad idea to back up your vaultwarden data separately (redundancy ftw!).

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Hi dave,

I did check the backup sytem and I think it is good. Still I think there are two issues with the current set-up:

a) no cloud storage or stortage outside the LAN. Say I need to leave my current house for whatever reason and I cannot take stuff with me I still need to be able to rebuilt my digital live.

b) I need a backup of the backup software to decrypt my backups so now I need a backup of the start os

I hope I will never need these options but self custody means prepping for the worst. Only myself to blame if I fail to do so.

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A) can currently be solved by backing up to a physical drive and manually moving it to wherever you’d like. This may be offsite, buried in the backyard, at a friend’s house, etc. As I mentioned above, more options are on the way, including to cloud providers (data is encrypted by you first) or other remote machines.

B) I do not understand this request. You do not need anything to recover a backup beyond a fresh copy of StartOS, which is readily available. If you are concerned about Start9 disappearing, then you can store a local copy of an ISO for emergencies.

It is good that you understand the responsibility required of DIY hosting, and we are here to make it as easy as possible. Please keep in mind that we have been building for about 3 years now, and expect to reach a “1.0” status (come out of beta) sometime late this year or early next year. At this time you can expect that we will have most of the major features expected of a system of this nature.

Happy Hosting!


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the anwsers. I will keep a copy of the StartOs (just in case).
I think the team and you have done a great job with this software (and the hardware) you offer.
StartOS makes the learning curve much less steep when building a BTC node server. Instead of having to debug and trail and error all kinds of configurations StartOS makes setup and maintenance easy. Instead I can focus on what each app does and stuff like backups and, even better, actually use it all for transactions, DeFi etc.


Thank you for the kind words! Stay tuned, we have a lot of exciting stuff in store…

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There’s absolutely no “DeFi” Services in the registry, and probably never will be. Just wanted to mention that for clarity, but if your Embassy helps you accomplish your DeFi endeavours, then by all means.

Bitcoin is ‘decentralized finance’ :')