Backup unable to connect. What should we modify after updating OSX 14.0 (Sonoma)?

Since the update to OSX 14.0 (Sonoma) I am having difficulty connecting to the folder capable of capturing backups [Unable to connect].

I would like to know what I should type in Terminal to know what is still installed through the Homebrew script. Also find out if Tor is still running after the update. The “quaint-relapse Local Root CA” certificate is being executed correctly.

I came to this situation after installing the Mastodon app today, which led to a temporary blockage of the entire Start9 system. After several manoeuvres I was able to access it again and some apps had to be synchronised. Apparently everything is green.

But I would like to make a backup.

I add the error captures that the Start9 platform throws.

Please let me know your solutions.

Hi, the Hombrew commands you are looking for are as follows:

To see what is installed you can run:

brew list

If you want to check tor status you can run:

brew services info tor

Then, there was an error that occurred when some people had done an update to MacOS Ventura & this might be the same here.

You can try the following to see if that clears it up (as described in our docs - Start9 | Mac Network Folder) :

- Turn off file sharing switch in General > Sharing

- Restart macOS

- Turn on file sharing switch in General > Sharing

After that, it wouldn’t hurt to double check the hostname, path, username & password again.

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I was able to successfully backup to my network folder without making any changes after updating to Sonoma. I would try Okin’s recommendations in the previous response and let us know if you continue to have problems.

The only difference I see between your setup and mine, is that you chose to use your ip address under Hotname/IP. I used my computer-name.local instead. I am not sure if that would make a difference but might be worth a try. You can find your computer name separated with the necessary hyphens by going to system settings → General → sharing; then look at the bottom for local hostname it will give something like Johns-MacBook-Pro.local. Typically you should be able to use either the IP or the computer hostname. Both should work. But just to trouble shoot you might try the hostname and see if it makes a difference

Moved to troubleshooting - just to clarify - did you previously run backups with no issue? This has only occurred since you updated MacOS? Did anything change about the backup destination, such as folder name or location?

Hey @OKIN Having executed the commands you mentioned, there was an interesting result with green check-marks (I share the screenshot).
Unless the word “Schedulable”, which appears with a red cross, could be some reason for the “malfunction.” If so, I’ll be happy to read the proper steps to take.

Even though I obtained the S9-SO, following the instructions, initially achieving the connection through that methodology, out of “nowhere” the connection failed weeks later. I have tried everything to make the possibility of a backup work. However, none of the tests have made that function work. The errors thrown by the S9-SO system remain the same.