Beethoven sound after startup

Hello, I’ve been running an Embassy connected by ethernet to my router for a few years without issues. Lately, I noticed all services were non-responsive over onion and local. I restarted it and heard the Beethoven sound. I removed the SD card and restarted again, this time I heard the correct sounds (chime) but my embassy.local site couldn’t be reached. Could this be related to a bad SD card? If so, how do I fix this? Thanks.

This doesn’t sound like a bad SD card, but there are a few things to unpack here.

When there’s a Beethoven sound, you can visit http://embassy.local to get diagnostics on the issue. If you have the correct startup sounds, then your device is live and the address you should be visiting is your tor address or unique-id.local address. If neither of these works, be sure you are on the same network (not a guest network) as you server, as well as not being blocked by a VPN or firewall. You might try to reboot your router if these all check out.

Following this, you can check the router to see that the device is online. You can also try to connect via a different device, since if the device is up as it reports, then the connectivity issue is likely from your client device.

Let me know what more you discover with this info.

Thanks for the suggestions. I visited the embassy.local site to get diagnostics.

"Database Error

error returned from database: disk I/O error"

Here is the log:

After rebooting the router, verified the embassy is online. However, I tried connecting from multiple devices using both LAN and Tor but neither worked.

This is typically a data connection or power delivery issue. What hardware (specifically the drive and connection) are you using?

The hard drive is a 2TB external HDD drive made by WD (Model: WDBAJN0020BBK-WESN). The connection is a Micro-B to USB 3.0. I tried connecting to other USB ports on the embassy to make sure that wasn’t an issue.

We highly recommend against HDDs (spinning disks) since all your service software resides here. The only other likely factor would be power delivery. We recommend a 20w (5v / 4a) power supply (or an externally-powered USB hub for the drive).

Ideally you want to have good power delivery and an SSD.