Best Server Setup?

Does anybody have what they consider to be the ideal server setup with all of the services running to truly be sovereign computing? I know that this may be specific to individual users’ needs/wants, but I would appreciate any “ideal” setups that you recommend. I am running BTC Core, Electrs, Mempool, and Burn after reading (not really using that yet because I am still trying to figure out how to implement it with my Androids), but looking for other recommendations. Thanks!

The idea sovereign computing setup is one where all your needs are met and you’re not relying on and being compromised by 3rd parties. This means the ideal setup is very specific to your personal situation.

Personally, two Services I’d point out are:

Nextcloud - this would replace cloud storage of files and photos so that you can’t be spied on or have your photos and data held hostage.

Vaultwarden - to keep your passwords out of the hands of password managers that get breached practically every year.