Best way to migrate from on pc to another

I’m wondering what the best way would be for me to migrate all of my data from one Embassy installation to another.

I currently have Eos installed on a laptop and I am working on getting a desktop setup with Proxmox.

Is there a way to connect to the laptop and pull all my data in?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I think the best way to do this for you would be the “Transfer” option - third tab on this docs guide. You may need to pull your drive out and use an adapter to accomplish this.

Hi there, I continue the topic instead of opening a new one.

In the future I would like to improve my hardware and move my node in a better pc, can I just pull the disk from the old laptop and place it in the new device?

This is generally probably fine, however the officially supported method would be to do a “Transfer” of the data to a fresh drive in the new hardware.

Hi dave, thank you for your swift reply :slight_smile: The fact is that I will use the same ssd which is good (my node now is basically a big good ssd with 8gb ram but with a shitty processor and a shitty cooling system/case), so it would be very good to maintain my data in the same ssd. In the passage 4.) of the link you sent me I see the option “use existing drive”: it seems useful for my needs, am I right?

This will likely work, but again, we cannot support this specific action. You could also try to just put the drive in and power the device up and see what happens.

Of course, I understand you cannot guarantee 100% the procedure :slight_smile: I will try like this. Should the procedure not work, I will install from scratch Embassy and then try to recover the services from a backup

Once in the future I’ll have done it, I’ll update this post and let you know

If it were me, I would attempt in this order:

  1. Bring the drive over and turn it on
  2. “Use existing drive” on a fresh flash
  3. “Transfer” to a new drive on a fresh flash
  4. Restore from backup - it should be noted that this option will close your lightning channels if you have any

Hi all, quick update: I did it!

I stopped all the services and then shutdowned the Embassy. Then I prepared a new bootable USB with StartOS (without this passage it couldn’t boot) and proceeded until here:

Put a new password followed the instructions et voilà: my node was able to restart from where it remained. I will monitor its behaviour in the following weeks and then, if everything’s ok, I will edit this post.

With an i5 (4th gen) and 16gb ram it took 2 minutes to restart all the services and donwload the 15/20 blocks I missed: with the old laptop it would have taken half an hour :rocket:

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Hi guys, two weeks with this setup and I never missed a block or had any problem. Everything runs smooth and fast.

Good decentralization to you all!