Bitcoin Core error: Container state improper

Hi Everyone,

Noticed today that Bitcoin Core 26.0.0. is not syncing and giving me the following error:
" Error: can only create exec sessions on running containers: container state improper"

Anyone experiencing anything similar and/or has any tips on how to troubleshoot?

Are you seeing anything in your Logs for Bitcoin Core?

I have not come across this myself but have you tried clearing the cache of your browser window already?

You can check Bitcoin logs and look for Peers.dat corrupted. If you find this you can preform Bitcoin → Actions → Delete Peers List and see if it helps.

If deleting the peers.dat file doesn’t remedy this, then the container has probably otherwise gotten itself into a muddle. In which case a System Rebuild would be in order. You can do this by going to System, then right at the bottom System Rebuild in the StartOS main UI.

A look at the logs for Bitcoin should reveal some more clues.

(You should also taking into consideration any potential setup that could cause this, like running an external SSD on a RPi without separate power.)