Bitcoin core integrity

Quick question. Had a power failure, server was down over night. After restart core status immediately reported it was fully sync’d. This seems odd to me. Should it not need some time to catch up to the network?

It may have shown this briefly, before taking the time to sync up. You can verify what’s actually happening by looking at the “Logs” from Bitcoin’s service page.

Looks like it is just crazy fast. Did a test and shut down the system for about 18 hours and again it fully sync’d immediately. Checked logs and it literally took less than a minute to process the missing blocks. My last node would have taken at least several minutes to accomplish the same thing. I think that may have been caused by the fact that it was through a virtual machine. Not sure but it’s the only explanation I can come up with as the other system is much more powerful. Unless it’s the embassy OS or maybe it’s the server vs desktop environment. Strange, I don’t get it. Regardless, seems to be working properly (very properly). Thanks for the help Dave. Very much appreciated.

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