Bitcoin Core Stuck after update

3 days ago I pushed the button to update Bitcoin Core. For 3 days it has been hanging with the message: “Stopping this may take a while…”

should I continue to wait or is it safe to hard restart the computer?

I’m running on a refurbished HP purchsed from Start9

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After restarting the computer now LND is stuck. After syncing LND says it is started but health checks says “synched starting…”

I have rebooted the computer twice and can’t get past this. It has been going on for a few days now and I’m concened I’m going to loose all my channel connections.

I checked the LND logs:
2024-03-23T10:08:53-04:00 Waiting for bitcoin RPC…
2024-03-23T10:09:09-04:00 Waiting for bitcoin RPC…

Bitcoin Core log:
2024-03-23T10:10:46-04:00 2024-03-23T14:10:46Z ThreadRPCServer incorrect password attempt from

I never changed any password.

Sounds like you might have come from a Bitcoin Core installation from a couple of versions ago with different RPC password requirements – it has affected a small number of users.

A simple fix is to open Config for the LND service, change nothing but click to Save. It should then restart and work.

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I am having the same issue here with Embassy Pro (Server Pure). Bitcoin Core update hanging for over 24 hours “stopping this may take a while”.
So, this morning I hit “restart” under system settings and heard the beeps of it shutting down then restarting but now it never connects again. If I try to select anything in my browser I get the message (gateway timeout).
I have tried to reboot also by unplugging the server and plugging back in. No luck.
I would try ther “system rebuild” option but you would have to establish a connection first.
Any ideas what to try next?

No need to mess around with your server, the issue is your client.

You can run through these common issue resolution steps here: