Bitcoin Core Synch constantly timing out - Ping test 0ms, 0% packet loss - Wired LAN - No firewall

Hi Dave, that’s great to know! I thought my hardware was ok, good to know that maybe it’s not

I was thinking for the future to update it with this → or this →

I think they will be far better, but since it seems I’m not good at estimate and evaluate hardware, it would be great to have a judgement about :innocent:

Thank you so much!

These would be much more powerful. In general, we like the Mini PC and Thin Client options, namely for the form factor, but a desktop tower will work just as well. You can check out this thread to see what others are using.

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Thanks dave, will give it a check! I agree with you but I prefer to sacrifice the form factor to gain in performance, plus I found that mini PCs tend to cost a bit more than tower refurbished PCs

Thank you again, I’m an ex Umbrel user and I found heaven with Start9, both with forum and OS :zap:

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