Bitcoin Core Synchronisation with “Main Computer” in Sleep Mode

Having just started syncing Bitcoin Core via a computer and a Server One device, I’m wondering if the Server One continues syncing even if the computer remains in “sleep mode”?

Generally all functions stop when the computer is in sleep mode. If this doesn’t answer your question, please tell me the specifics of your setup.

How did you put it in sleep mode?

“Sleep mode” is not something intended for a server…

Everything worked perfectly.

It was possible to leave the computer in “sleep mode” - not turned off - while Bitcoin Core downloaded. I could tell this because the synchronisation/download took approximately 32 hours, having the computer in “sleep mode” several times during this period.

Taking into account “the worst case scenario”, such as a blackout, I would like to at some point turn off the server, for example overnight while I sleep. I don’t know if this will cause any delay in Bitcoin Core “synchronisation,” because I doubt this will lead to a re-download of the entire BC. Does anyone have experience with this?

In your first post you said that you had a computer and a Server one Device. If you are running StartOS on your server and Bitcoin Core on StartOS, you can turn the computer off anytime you like. The server will keep running. If you turn the server off Bitcoin core will stop syncing blocks until you turn it back on. Bitcoin core will start syncing from where it left off until it catches up. This is not a big deal unless you have lightning channels. When using lightning you want as much up time as possible and you can set up a watch tower for any downtime.