Bitcoin logs show "Rolling forward" messages

A problem was seen on StartOS v0.3.4.4 running Bitcoin Core v25.0.0~3 where the service shows RPC and Synced Health checks spinning and stuck on starting. When looking at the Bitcoin service logs a large number of messages starting with Rolling forward and ending with a block number are seen.

Generally, these messages will be seen whenever Bitcoin does not shut down gracefully with a large DB Cache. This is not normally seen with the default DB cache.

The recommended action is to allow the system to complete the rolling forward and it will eventually catch up to where it needs to be.

If the Bitcoin DB cache value was increased, you should set this back to the default (450 or leave blank) once your node is synced. DO NOT press the STOP button if your dbcache is large. Instead, set this number back to the default, hit save, and wait for bitcoind to restart on its own.

Note there is a warning displayed when you click in the DB Cache field (to change value from default):

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