Bitcoin node, cant disable prune mode


I installed startOS on Proxmox 8.0.3 as KVM. I gave it 700GB disk and I installed Bitcoin node. When I configured it, there was no option to disable prune mode. See below.
So I removed the Bitcoin Code node and expanded the disk to 1.2TB but still the same result.
I need to install a Bitcoin code not with complete blockchain.

How to do that?

What size is the disk reported as in System → Monitor (bottom of page)? I’m guessing that the system still thinks you have a disk that is too small.

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Was this the problem?


I have the same issue… my setup is a little different though. This leads to me not being able to install other bitcoin apps because “config not satified”. Is there a solution within my reach?

I installed StartOS on an Unraid vm with 64Gb vdisk, mounted an unraid share with terabytes of space using virtiofs pointing to /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/

Bitcoin Core installed without any problems… In reallity I actually just copied an existing blockchain and it is working fine ^^

I tried manually editing bitcoin.conf with pruning disabled and txindex=1 but still gets “config not satisfied”.

System is reporting total disk space as 50Gb even though I have a fully synched bitcoind.

Hoping for en easy solution…

You need to configure services via the UI. This is not a traditional Linux system and any changes you make under the hood will likely be wiped out and this is generally not how StartOS is intended to be used.

In regard to disk reporting, it sounds like what you’ve done here is not going to work. I would recommend giving StartOS the full amount of disk space that you want for it from the beginning, rather than trying to mount to cherry-picked locations. Not that you can’t make this work, but you’d be on your own, and your disk reporting may not reflect reality. Perhaps another Unraid user will chime in here with their setup.