Bitcoind says synced but three blocks behind

Can anyone explain why the service panel says it’s synced, but then electrs is saying 3 blocks waiting to download, and confirmed that indeed the sync is 3 blocks behind.

Where are you seeing it behind, in the logs?

Yes. I ended up uninstalling electrs and reinstalling. Its syncing now so will see if it fixes things. I noticed that the first couple thousand blocks took a long time but then it sped right up like big time so not sure what that means. I noticed too having some connectivity issues in the tor logs that don’t seem to be happening anymore, so maybe all along it was just congestion on the tor network and i just needed to be patient.

Likely, seems like everything is congested at the moment. Maybe a sign of big things to come. Anyway, glad you got it going. Let us know if you continue to have problems

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