Boot failures at times: FAT-fs bogus number of reserved sectors

Hi, i’ve built a setup with 2TB SSD and 16GB RAM, i7 processor. I’ve installed StartOS. When I do a shutdown and restart, it tends to fail several times, I keep restarting and I try all the options in the GRUB menu bootloader and then at some point it works. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error messages that I get. Any ideas how to make it work?

My best guess is that you are having issues mounting your drive. Hard to say without those logs. Maybe reset BIOS to defaults and check what is booting and how.

I’ve installed Ubuntu Mate which works well with this hardware and old BIOS and created a virtual machine in which I run StartOS. Via this method it hasn’t crashed at all and also boots anytime I launch the virtual machine. I’ve dedicated the virtual machine 14 GB RAM which is uses completely.

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