Can I change the name of my Start 9 LAN name?

I just set up my Start 9 for the first time, and the LAN name given is, well, less than appropriate to have my kids connecting to. How can I change this?

Sorry about that. It is a randomly generated adjective-noun. Hopefully you haven’t gotten too far because the only way to change the name at this time is re-install completely using the appropriate flashing process.

Thank you. I think I will need to restart it. I understand it’s randomly assigned, but given what it came up with- it might be helpful to allow a change to re-request another random assignment during set up.

Yeah, we’ve seen some funny ones for sure. Would you like to share what it was?

Unfortunately that name is linked to several components of the system. There may be an existing feature request to make it easier to change, but if not, I will make one now.

The words were raunchy and riders…

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There’s a feature request in. It is more likely that we will just remove certain words from the dictionary, as changing this name has a lot of implications. Let me know if you need a hand re-flashing to get a new name in the meantime.

Who ever said the entropy Gods have no sense of humor?