Can I configure Postfix using NGINX on start9?

I want to gather email data for a project I’m working on and I would like to configure Postfix as an local SMTP. Where can I find the NGINX files? All I see is the SSL folder. Do I have to build it from scratch?

Are you trying to do this with nextcloud? Or what service?

Hello Rick, I built an Onion website in Start9 Pages and I wanted to add a simple form for users that want to join the Marketplace and Member area. Is there a better solution? Thanks.

I am searching around to see what I can find out. I have never tried it. If I can’t find anything, someone will know the answer.

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Okay thanks for looking, I checked Nextcloud SMTP option and installed the form after you mentioned it. I’m looking to see if I can use Nextcloud as my forms SMTP server. Not sure if anyone did that yet.

As this isn’t supported, you’d definitely need to create it custom from scratch, as something of a DIY project… SSHing into the container and hacking away turning Pages into something much much more advanced than it is.

Or you could try using Ghost – you’ll get a CMS that’s quite a bit more advanced… server side processing, database interaction, email collection, etc

SMTP is always where you’re going to fall down. You might be able to send email from a service in StartOS… but everywhere you send it to is going to block it. Email is highly captured by a few key players, it’s not a free or distributed communications method that people like you or are allowed to use in a sovereign way. Many people would turn to a third party solution as the only option.

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Hello StuPleb, I just installed Ghost that same day after Rick suggested another service, and yes, you are correct it solves my requirements. I didn’t consider the SMTP blockage, I would have wasted a lot more time. Thank you for your response.

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