Can Umbrel apps be installed on StartOS?

There are a few apps on the Umbrel site that peak my interest and as I learn more about StartOS, I’d like to try running them.
Is there a guide on how to download apps and install them?

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The short answer is no.

Umbrel apps are packaged for Umbrel. For StartOS, services to be packaged for StartOS. Many of the Umbrel apps like bitcoin / lightning nodes, nostr relays etc are also packaged for StartOS and available in the Start9 registry or the Community registry.

If there is a particular Umbrel app that you want that isn’t already packaged for StartOS, you can request the app developer to create that package, or even package it yourself (Start9 | Service Packaging).

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I was asked to make my app available on Start9: Make App work with · Issue #73 · woofbotapp/woofbotapp · GitHub

Is there a guide for how to convert an Umbrel app to a Start9 app - maybe even a script to convert the configuration yml files, like those here: ? Can I reuse the same image Docker-Hub image?

From a brief look it seems that Start9 has a lot more features, like dynamic configurations with auto-generated UI, but since I already developed the app for Umbrel I already implemented my own frontend & backend for all that stuff. My main worry is how to integrate it with Bitcoin-Core and LND (Umbrel solved it with shared mounted folders and shared environment variables).


@woofbot - Welcome to the StartOS world!!!

I just looked at your github and I love the idea of getting telegram alerts from my bitcoin node (which runs on my StartOS server)!!! I added a comment to the “Make App work with Start9 #73” issue - I’m available for alpha / beta testing when you get there.

There is no script to convert Umbrel to StartOS packages. They are different systems, so automating that would be very hard. Having an existing docker image will help. You will need to create a number of files with all the information the package needs, then create the package using start-sdk pack. First step is to review the packaging documentation: Start9 | Service Packaging.

Once you’ve looked through this guide, jump on our telegram: Telegram: Contact @start9_labs and pick the Dev topic. Post any questions you may have there and folks will be happy to assist you.

There is a sample HelloWorld wrapper that will give you a basic example: GitHub - Start9Labs/hello-world-startos: wrapper for building a [service].s9pk

There is also a JAM wrapper that will give you an example that has dependency on the bitcoin core running on the StartOS server: GitHub - Start9Labs/jam-startos: wrapper for building jam.s9pk

NOTE: There are new releases coming and they will impact how apps are packaged. So if you aren’t starting now, just check in on the latest updates before you start creating your wrapper.