Cannot connect to any "launch UI" after update

Hello - After the update I cannot access any UI’s. I always get the below error “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” when I click on the Launch UI button. I have tried Brave and Firefox. No luck.

Windows machine same issue with brave and firefox. Worked fine pre embassy update.

Are you saying that the server never came back up after the update? It sounds like your services might not be running. Is it only the UIs that are not working? Do you have reason to believe the services are?

You might try a restart under System > Power. If that doesn’t bring things back up again, we’ll look at the logs.

I see you are trying to access start.local which is only necessary for when you do the initial install of StartOS, but should not be used after that. I take it you’ve already used the server before since you’ve done an update, so there is no need to visit start.local anymore.

You should be trying to access your server via your unique-phrase.local address instead, or you could also access it by visiting the IP address of the Server using your browser.

Thank you. Works now