Cant connect to Bitcoin Core from Sparrow over LAN

I’m fairly new here so be gentle please. My bitcoin node knowledge is very beginner, but I’m planning to learn how to run a lightening node eventually.
I’ve successfully got my start OS server up and running on a laptop with bitcoin core, BTC pay server, LND, mempool and Electrs all synced and running perfect. I have been using sparrow and I’m trying to point it to bitcoin core on my start OS server over LAN from a different laptop.
I can login to my start 9 server fine over LAN and see all of the services running. I have followed all the tutorials and set up the correct URL addresses and authentication under the bitcoin core RPC settings in sparrows server preferences but it will not connect and doesn’t give me any reason just says could not connect.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Ranger Ned

Have you tried connecting to the Electrs server? Also, have you checked this instruction: Connect to Bitcoin Core - Sparrow Wallet?

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Hey there,
Strangest thing happened - I had been trying both Core and Electrs server with no luck. Then just kept trying and I have managed to connected both but not 100% of the time. Half the time it is trying to connect and seems to just time out and the other half I manage to get through and connect???
Anything Im doing wrong.

Also yes I went through all instructions - All followed except for the config file part as im not using Bitcoin-Qt just using the normal app within Start 9.

As far as I understand, you are running Bitcoin Core on a different machine than your Sparrow wallet. Is this correct? If yes, then you have to change the bitcoin.conf file as well.

Yes, thats correct different machines. Ok thanks -
How do add this info to the config file in start 9?

I wouldn’t recommend editing the config file if you’re not 100% sure what you are doing. It may not be supported by the start9 team if something goes wrong. Instead, you can simply connect using the Electrs server using the Quick Connect URL in the properties tab of your startOS Electrs service. However, if you still wish to proceed with editing the config file, you can SSH to your startOS and then enter the Docker container using the following command:

sudo docker exec -it bitcoind.embassy sh

Once inside the container, navigate to the home directory and edit the bitcoin.conf file using

vi bitcoin.conf

^ If you haven’t yet please try the instructions there for the Bitcoin Core RPC guide.

Please take special note that you remove any http:// prefix and use port 443 when following the guide.

Sparrow logs more verbosely to USER_HOMEDIR/.sparrow/sparrow.log so you should be able to tell what’s going wrong from there. If you are on windows, make sure you have Bonjour setup as instructed at step 1 here:

…otherwise you will have trouble resolving the bitcoin service’s .local name.

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Ok thanks for your input H0mer. Much appreciated.

Thanks George. Im on OS x and I did remove the http:// - I do have it working. But it just isn’t 100% every time. I can connect every 3 out of 5 times.

Keep in mind that there are many complex, and relatively new, systems in play here. The Bitcoin software, Sparrow software, and StartOS are all powerful and well-architected, but the interactions between the 3 are still being fully understood and developed. We appreciate your patience, and you are helping us blaze the trail here!

What error is given when the connection does not work? You might also like to check the Sparrow logs to see additional info.

ok thanks start9dave. Yes your right, theres a lot of new moving parts. Very exciting times.I havnt tried for a while. A lot of working away from home. I will post the error code next time it happens.

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