Can't sync Bitcoin Core - Error response from daemon, container not running

Getting this message after updating Bitcoin Core to the latest version.

Error response from daemon: Container (long string) is not running.

I’ve restarted and updated my embassy as well, no change to the error.


Hello @jo3238,

Is this a DIY setup?

It seems like this is not a new installation, but correct me if I am wrong. Are you using Bitcoin Core 25.0.0~3 and startOS 0.3.4~3?


Correct on the versions. It’s not a true DIY. I bought the Embassy 2 years ago and then had some issues with the drive case. Lex shipped me an upgrade kit last year and it has been working well ever since.

This morning the RPC message said “container not found: embassy bitcoind” or something like that. But when I refreshed it went back to the original error message that I first posted.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Jim, we would need to see the logs to know exactly what is happening here. If you are not comfortable posting that publicly - you can message us directly at (Live Chat) or on Telegram. Find the official channel links at Contact | Start9. There is also a chat feature on this forum, although we have not made much use of it yet - for me there is a chat bubble in the top-right menu - you may be able to get me directly via my @start9dave username.

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Thanks Dave. I don’t see the live chat option here and I can’t install telegram on the PC I’m using at the moment. I sent the logs to the security@start9 email.


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That email is for security reports only. We do not generally do support via email, but I’ll find your email and respond to it.

To close the loop on this one, issue is resolved now. I deleted my peer list and reset TOR and everything started back up.