Can't upload attatchments to Vaultwarden


Have tried from different webbrowsers and in the apps.
The file I am trying to upload is only 1 Mb… it is an .PDF file.

Hope someone knows how to fix it.

Best wishes!

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I have the same error when file is biger than 1Mb.

but why… and what to do to slove it.
It say the limit of files sice is 500Mb.

I got some answers in the Vaultwarden community.

How can I changes this values in StartOS?

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An issue has been filed to make these changes in the Vaultwarden wrapper

Hey @rtbit - we have released this update on our Beta registry, would you mind testing for us? You can add to you Marketplace registries list in order to get the update, which is version 1.29

Changes have been implemented in Vaultwarden for StartOS