Cashu extension not available with LNbits

I installed LNbits hoping to experiment with running my own Cashu mint. But there is no Cashu extension available in the LNbits instance I installed. Is there some other way to get that extension?

Cashu has been moved to its own repo and is no longer under vetting by LNbits (which is kind of not a big deal in this particular case as the dev of Cashu works closely with the dev of LNbits)

To get access to Cashu in your lists of available plugins you’d have to go into your LNbits settings as an admin and add the manifest json yourself as a source of extensions.

  1. Login with a user that has access
  2. In the sidebar menu, click Server (under Manage)
  3. Visit the Server tab and scroll down to the bottom
  4. In extensions, where it says Source URL, paste
  5. Hit the little +, scroll up, and hit Save
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