Channels going offline after latest services update

I updated 5-6 services a few days ago, as new versions were available (Bitcoin Core, LND, Mempool among others). After the update, channels have started to go offline after a few hours, one after the other. Simply restarting LND does not solve the problem. Rebooting works. But after some hours (3-15) channels are again going offline. Been like this for about three days now.

Anyone else experiencing similar things after latest services updates?

Nothing else has changed in my setup. My Start9 (running on a NUC i7) has been running stable and smooth for about a year now.

I am a bit clueless at where to start looking to troubleshoot this, as I have not changed anything.

Any help appreciated.

My recommendation here would be to come into our Telegram Community Chat where we can troubleshoot the issue you are having in person.

The first thing we would check would be that all services are running correctly and would take an in depth look at the LND service logs for any error that might be coming up.

In case someone comes across this post in the future. It was (most likely) a Tor issue. To solve it I had to go to System->Experimental Features->Reset Tor with Wipe State selected. Then restarted all.

However, the Telegram chat was not a pleasant experience. I was spammed with DMs from scammers, impersonating admins, trying to trick me into giving out information and initiate steps on my server.

I also have had that experience on Telegram with scammers impersonating admins. Be careful out there.

It’s a shame that scammers are rampant on TG, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. Just keep in mind that if somebody messages you first, it’s 99% likely to be a scam. We always ask users to send the first message from the main channels.