Config not satisfied Bitcoin Core and electrs

I have installed Mempool successfully but Im getting dependencies warnings for Bitcoin Core and electrs that
‘Config not satisfied. Mempool will not work as expected’
Have no idea how to config these dependencies.
I try auto config for Bitcoin the result is a warning that electrs will crash
I try to config electrs and get RPC ERROR: Incoherent Could not find Config at startos::dependencies:225
Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks

Bitcoin core and Electrs fully synced and running healthy? You need this services first fully operational before you can run mempool.

Ive deleted Mempool for now but have trouble with
Bitcoin dependecy for electrs. Doesnt seem possible to config. default settings return a message that elects will crash if I proceed.
See below screenshots

This is a normal warning, it just means that Bitcoin will be unavailable to electrs while it it is reconfigured. We need to make the wording more friendly. It is safe to proceed, thank you for reading our warnings.

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