Configure Bitcoin Core

RPC Success -Ready for connections
Sync Success - Bitcoin core is synced with the network

Checking Reachable nodes page on and check fails. Returns message :
[2600:1700:8ea4:1760::3c]:8333 is unreachable.

I haven’t messed with the “Config Settings” is there a switch that needs to get set?

Hey there. I am seeing other reports of users who ran Bitcoin nodes that weren’t findable in Are you looking to confirm that your node has peers? If so, this should be visible to you in the service logs.

Also, it is possible that

[2603:7000:7500:685f:694a:d96e:721:d37]:8333 is unreachable.

is normal because another address configuration is required. I will need to dig into that further.

Hi Jeremy
I’m not sure what to look for in the log. There is a ton of text and it’s all Greek to me.
What does the verbiage in the log refer to?
Is this what I’m looking for?
2024-01-26T03:37:37+00:00 2024-01-26T03:37:37Z [net] Saw new cmpctblock header hash=00000000000000000000de1118609687925a460deb4dee4cd3370650a34baec3 peer=102

In your StartOS UI, you’d go to Bitcoin Core → Interfaces and copy “Peer Interface” and paste that into the took on, removing the “http://” from what you copy.

It should then work.

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The only thing in Peer Interface was a tor address and I used that as yo suggested and it failed.

Got it to work. Pilot error.