Configure Start9's firewall?

Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to easily configure Start9’s firewall? I tried adding rules to /etc/nftables (inside chroot) but the rules are not loaded. Should I use iptables or can I install something like ufw?

Background: Start9 runs on a VPS and I only want to access it through VPN. So I want to block all services on the public interface.

At this time this is not a supported feature.
Once the new version of StartOS 0.3.6 is released it will allow users to set up VPN or Clearnet connections.
The new version will give every interface of every service a unique port on the LAN which will allow the manual configuration of these type of network settings.

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thank you very much for your precise answer! Sounds great, looking forward to that release.

Have a good time.


Even though not supported, would it be possible to do? And if so what is the best way forward?

It’s an open source OS, so anything is “possible,” with enough hacking. You can find conversations from people here, that have done it. But designed for, and supported? No. Not until 0.3.6.