Connect bitcoin full node on start9 OS with bitbox hardware wallet

Hi All,

has anybody successfully connected a bitbox02 hardware wallet to a full node running on start9 OS via LAN without using Tor?
I do always get a message like 'Connection actively “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”.

Is this because OS versions younger than 040 do not allow direct connections via LAN without using Tor (discussion linked below tends towards that direction but not 100% clear)?
If yes, does anybody know when 040 will be released?

Thanks upfront!

At this time connection between the Bitbox App and StartOS has to be over tor until the next OS version comes out, which will provide more connection options.
Here is the link to our documentation specifically referring to Bitbox.

Did you try this (unsupported) hack? It might work, but I haven’t tested it.

Thanks a lot Alvaro. I will wait. Any idea when this release will be available?

Thanks Dave but this is a bit too technical for me honestly :-).
I guess I will wait for the next OS release! Any idea when this will be available?

No ETA as of now. Keep an eye on the Start9 announcements channel for updates Telegram: Contact @start9_alerts