"Connecting..." for hours after System > Restart

After running System > Restart earlier, the yellow “Connecting…” status has been displayed for hours. Wifi settings and Shutdown both fail with RPC error stating they’re not available on the Diagnostic API. Any thoughts on what action I should take in this scenario?

Additional info:

  1. What version of StartOS and/or the service in question are you using? startos-

  2. What hardware are you using? Lenovo ThinkCentre M93P, stock, with 1TB SATA HDD.

  3. If potentially a networking issue, what is your networking setup? Wifi router sub-network to main router (was Connected fine before System > Restart attempt)

I would try a hard refresh as a first action…

Hold down the Ctrl key and press F5.
Alternatively, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+R to perform a hard refresh.

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Not sure what the reference to “Windows” meant, but Ctrl + F5 is what I needed, thanks!

For reference, that brought up a page stating:

“StartOS launch error:
Network Error
Failed to resolve interface “br-start9”: No such device”

That was followed by a “VIEW LOGS” button.

And then a “Possible Solutions” section, containing the following items:

“Please contact support” (text),
“RESTART SERVER” (button),
“SYSTEM REBUILD” (button),
“REPAIR DRIVE” (button)

I clicked on “RESTART SERVER”, which rebooted the system. It now shows the green Connected status!