Core Lightning migration from Raspiblitz advice please

My Raspberry Pi 4 Blitz is still active but increasingly unreliable. I tried upgrading the hardware to a Thinkpad but ran into bootloops so back on it.

Decided to try StartOS on the 1TB nvme Thinkpad and it’s filled me with renewed confidence at the prospect of running a secure and responsive Lightning node again.

The issue is that I still have 17 C-Lightning channels on the Raspiblitz.

Any advice appreciated on migrating, restoring or most cheaply closing and starting afresh with StartOS would be massively appreciated.

Welcome to StartOS!

As a CLN maxi, it pains me to say that we have had almost no demand for CLN migrations, so unfortunately we do not have an “easy button” the way we do for LND. From a high level, it would go something like this:

  1. Stop CLN on Raspiblitz (very important to do this first)
  2. scp the necessary files (will need to find out which are ‘necessary’)
  3. Start CLN on StartOS and make sure on-chain funds and channels have migrated

The best place to get help with this would probably be the CLN telegram channel. If you do proceed, or if you get more info, please share here. Having the process down will be helpful for other community members, and may lead to us building it into the CLN package.

Have been directed to this :

Thanks for sharing. Let us know how it turns out if you decide to proceed.

It looks like option 2 is what you want. Option 1 will close all your channels.

Here’s our feature request to turn this into a one-click “Action,” but please be aware it is unfortunately a low priority at this time, so there is no ETA on when we might have it available.

@SelfBankt @Rick fyi here I described how I migrated my Raspiblitz CLN node, keeping the channels intact: [feat] CLN Migrations · Issue #106 · Start9Labs/cln-startos · GitHub