Core Lightning UI Could not establish a connection to node

When attempting to access the Core Lightning UI I get a " Could not establish a connection to node" error message. I also can’t see any channel balances in RTL. I have restarted the server and as well restarted Tor and the services and nothing seems to work.

When I look at the CLN logs I see the following error messages:

{“level”:“warn”,“message”:“\tServer running at”,“timestamp”:“2023-11-11 16:48:43:4843”}

[ERROR - 2023-11-11T16:48:43.563Z]: WebSocket error: {}

WebSocket is closed at 2023-11-11T16:48:43.564Z

CLN Node version 23.02.2~8 and Start OS 0.3.5

There are two current issues being worked on right now:

  1. Following the recent updates, there is a bug related to just the new UI add-on of CLN that prevents it from being displayed properly. Hopefully we get a fix pushed soon, I can try to alert you here when it’s ready, or if you’re able to come over to Telegram and send me a DM, I’ll let you know the progress as I check up on it.

  2. There’s also and issue with RTL that means it requires a slightly more recent version of CLN than the one we currently have full tested in the registry. The replacement is in the Beta registry, but not 100% ready yet (and so you probably shouldn’t use it) - best bet is to use RTL 0.13.6~1 for now, and upgrade again later.

Same issue… Following .

Fixes for CLN UI and RTL are tested and on the way to beta testing now. We will get these shipped as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience

@mikeyb233 @Dirty_Jersey
This is now released

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