Core Lightning v23.11.0 creating incompatible invoices

I recently updated to Core Lightning v23.11.0 and when creating invoices and attempting to pay using Lnd / Phoenix I receive error messages such as “The data uses an unknown format and cannot be processed”

Hi there,
This sounds like a question for the Phoenix team. I found this issue which suggests that the message is harmless and can be ignored, but I would need to know more about your symptoms or experience to understand the problem.

The Umbrel LND node, LND 0.17.3-beta, also gives this error message trying to pay which is why I think it’s a problem with the invoice itself:

“Unable to send lightning payment: incorrect_payment_details”

This just refuses to pay.

This is claimed to be a solved problem by the LND team, unless you are attempting to pay the same invoice multiple times. Again, I will need more details and context on what you are doing or I cannot understand the problem. “Just refuses to pay” is not helpful.

Sorry I realize there isn’t much to go off of. I don’t know what else I can share to be helpful. The logs in Start9 Core Lightning app aren’t telling me anything useful.

Lnd will not pay invoices as generated by Core Lightning v23.11.0. I did not have any issues with the previous version 23.8.1~1

Zeus will also not pay these invoices as generated giving the error “Payment details incorrect (unknown hash, invalid amt, or invalid final cltv delta)”

For future reference, context means details on what you are doing. For example, is this a BOLT11 invoice or a BOLT12 offer? Where are you generating it? Is it for some sats or empty? Do you have channels open, do you have a route? What is Zeus linked to on the backend? Can you provide anything from the logs that pertains to this (LND side or CLN)?

I have reproduced the issue and we’re looking into it with the CLN team.

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Thank you I appreciate the help and I’ll provide more if I have future posts. I know you reproduced it but just to add some additional info these were Bolt 11 invoices for small sats (100 - 1000) generated through CLN UI as well as RTL. I attempted to pay via multiple methods with the same result mentioned in my posts above. One was via a channel I already had open (Umbrel LND to Start9 CLN) and others it was a routed transaction that had worked previously (Zeus not linked).

What version of LND were you using on your Umbrel where the payment to your StartOS CLN node failed?

I’m using LND version 0.17.3-beta

Turns out this was Lightning Labs not having kept up to date with spec, despite themselves having approved the spec update in 2020. Regardless, CLN pushed a patch to be compatible and we’ll get that update out. Annoying. This is why I prefer to connect with other CLN nodes when given the opportunity

Wow, interesting. Thanks for doing the research and getting to the bottom of it!

Just providing confirmation that this issue is fixed in CLN version 23.11.2. Thanks!