Core options for OP_RETURN

Hey folks

So after watching Mechanics YT vid I’d like to try to filter out all this ordinals/runes shit from my node.

There are some options in Core:

Can someone indicate if these options will filter out all this ‘spam’ from my node please?

Many thanks & enjoy your weekend!

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Changing these values won’t do much of anything, other that being a symbolic victory that only you and your own node will really know about.

But you could uncheck Relay OP_RETURN Transactions or lower Max OP_RETURN Size. Theoretically, you could also end up filtering legitimate transactions. For reference, Knots sets this at 42.

Thanks for your response Stuart.

Whilst it may be a symbolic victory, what if all node runners get sick of storing all this BS data & every runner limited the OP_RETURN size, would it actually stop it?

I will set Max OP_RETURN Size on my node to 42 & monitor…

I believe Knots is due as part of the 0.3.6 update, so will certainly be looking into that as & when we get it :slight_smile:

Best regards.

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