Create BACKUP issues

I have spent hours trying to create a back up of my server pure on my windows 11 laptop with lots of errors. Double checked paths and hostnames etc. Is it easier to use an external drive? If so what is recommended hardware.?

Are you getting an specific error?
We highly recommend backing up using a Network Folder, but you can back up using a physical drive, can be USB thumb card or SD card.
Im assuming you are following the back up guide from the Docs…?

Error is RPC Error Filesystem i/o Error mount (115) operation now in progress refer to the mountcfs(8) manual page (eg. man mount.cifs) and kernal log messages (dmesg)

I followed all of the instructions, checked private network, turned off firewall, and still get this error
Thankyou for any insight, I have spent many many hours on this.

Backing up to USB thumb drive or SD card media is discouraged, there’s too much low-quality flash memory out there, I wouldn’t rely on it. For a quick test or emergency maybe. A good quality external SSD for anything serious or long term.

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Error 115 means the connection is being made with that Windows PC, but it isn’t being let through. Presumably because of a firewall on that Windows PC.

We’ve seen this happen when the Windows machine has the ethernet or wifi connection set as Public rather than Private, but it would happen if anything on that PC blocks incoming connections, such as any other kind of 3rd party firewall.

But the inability to make the connection is the problem.

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Halelujah- Finally I was able to create a backup of my start 9 server pure. Here are a few tips for anyone else troubleshooting this from a beginner level.

  1. Renamed my computer hostname to something without spaces
  2. Created a new local user and password not affiliated with Microsoft
  3. Turned off all firewalls from windows and third party firewalls
  4. Turned off VPN connection
  5. For hostname make sure in windows 11 you use your computer name.local
  6. Path make sure no random characters at the end and all forward right slashes
  7. Cross your fingers and hit enter!
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