Creating Backup

I’m trying to back up my Server One to an external Hard Drive, but keep getting error messages. I’m an idiot with tech, so thought I would come here instead of continuing to run into issues on my own. I’m trying to back up to a WD My Passport, but am getting the following error message:
RPC ERROR: Filesystem I/O Error mount: /media/embassy/tmp/ER2DI5LOKNR52KBAMAPCN7W5AH632A24ZYRLTEPHQZGFWHPQ7BVQ: unknown filesystem type ‘ntfs’.

I haven’t been able to figure out what I need to do next, so looking for some help ont this.

Your hard drive comes formatted for Windows NTFS format, which isn’t particularly supported by other ecosystems and isn’t a supported format for the backup process.

You’ll need to reformat the drive with ExFat. How to do that would depend on the OS of your client device, but typically you’re able to right-click on the drive in your OS GUI and find the formatting utility that way, but if you need exact directions let us know what OS you’d be using.

That worked. thanks for the help!