Custom service .local URLs?

Is there a way to add a more friendly .local URL to access a service?

The unique adjective-noun.local is randomly chosen and cannot be changed unless you reflash StartOS. Then you still do not have control of the output. At this point the service .local addresses are mirrors of your Tor addresses and cannot be changed either.

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It would be cool if it would present the random chosen phrase first and ask for:

  1. approval, OR
  2. randomly pick another for possible approval again. As many times as the user desired.

Or better yet: Have it generate 10 phrases, and let the user pick one of them from the list.

Just ideas for some future upgrade.

That would be cool. Not sure how complicated it would be to implement, but you could make a feature request. GitHub - Start9Labs/start-os: Open source Linux distro optimized for self-hosting