Dell has two No Intel ME micro form factor Optiplex from Factory! Govt sales but open to public

Hi had a quick note wanted to let you guys know that Dell has an offering for No Intel Management engine out of the factory. Apparently it is for government sales but available to the public. I just spoke to a rep. You have to customize it on the configurator on their site. There are two OptiPlex micro form factor models. there is this core i7 model

and there is another one with no out of band ME whatsoever but it is core i3 only:

I think this is worth investigating not sure if anyone has had any experience with these. The price is comparable to the Server Pure pricing from Start9 but is available. Perhaps Start9 can start purchasing these?

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What is the customization you are talking about? I don’t see any mention of IME on those pages, and the only management option is to disable vPro, which is the default. Also, can they prove this? Is the firmware repository available?