Disk unexpectedly full

Hey there! I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this for me: I’ve downloaded 9 services so far but most of them are dependent on Bitcoin Core, which can’t update because somehow my disk is over 99% full.
I’m surprised it’s full already.Is there somewhere I can find a breakdown of what is taking up the storage space?

I’m using an Embassy (with a Mac).

Hi. Could you please give us more details of what Start9 Server you have & what are the 9 Services you are running on it.

You can see the overall usage of the Memory, CPU and Disk of your Server by going to SystemMonitor

Thank you! I think it’s Embassy One (not a Pro), and I’m running Bitcoin Core, Electrs, Nostr Relay. I’ve installed (but not configured or used) Mutiny Wallet, SimpleX, JAM, Ghost, Mempool, and RoboSats.

Yes - I can see on the monitor that the disk is 99.3% full. I was just hoping for a breakdown so that I can see what’s taking up so much room.

What size does it show the disk as in System → Monitor?

You can SSH into your device and run sudo podman stats to get some more information. We will add more details metrics in an upcoming OS release.

Thank you! it looks like I had just under 1tb on the server, so I uninstalled almost everything, and now it’s working.
I need to get more storage on there, and I have the instructions to do that.

Thanks again for the reply.